IPL-hårfjerning: En langsiktig metode for å redusere hårvekst ved hypertrikose

IPL hair removal: A long-term method to reduce hair growth in hypertrichosis

IPL hair removal: A long-term method to reduce hair growth in hypertrichosis

In today's cosmetic landscape, we see a growing trend towards long-term solutions for hair removal , such as IPL hair removal. IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is a non-invasive method of hair removal that has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. In this article, we will dive deep into how IPL hair removal can be a long-term method of reducing hair growth, and also how it can help people suffering from hypertrichosis.

What is hypertrichosis?

Hypertrichosis is a condition characterized by excessive hair growth in places where hair growth is normally minimal or absent. This condition can be a major source of discomfort and self-esteem issues, especially for women. Fortunately, technology and science have come together to offer an effective, painless and lasting solution; namely IPL hair removal.

Silkemyk IPL hair remover featuring three modes including manual, automatic, and glide, with five intensity levels for optimal hair removal, clinically proven effectiveness, and pain-free treatment.

How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL hair removal works by using light with a wavelength of 470x1200nm to target and destroy the hair follicles under the skin. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot produce new hair. This means that after several treatments, the hair in the treated area can be significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

One of the biggest benefits of IPL hair removal is the long-term reduction of hair growth. Most people report visible results after 3-4 weeks, and experience a complete and lasting effect after 12 weeks. In addition to reducing hair growth, IPL hair removal is also a practical and time-efficient solution compared to other methods such as shaving and waxing. You can read more about IPL vs shaving in our previous blog post.

IPL hair removal for women with PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that often leads to increased hair growth, known as hirsutism. IPL hair removal can help manage hair growth in PCOS by providing a long-lasting solution to the problem.

How to use IPL hair removal at home?

You may be wondering how you can perform IPL treatments from home. It's easier than you think. Silky soft IPL has three different modes: manual mode, automatic mode and glide mode, which help you treat the whole body in a few minutes.



Why choose Silkemyk IPL?

Silky soft IPL is a unique product with many advantages. Firstly, it has a wavelength of 470x1200nm and light pulses of 500000, giving you maximum efficiency. It also has 5 different intensity levels to ensure an optimal hair removal result. The effect has been documented through clinical research . But the best of all is that the IPL treatment with our laser is 100% painless.


Dealing with hypertrichosis or excessive hair growth can be a big challenge, but with IPL hair removal it becomes an easy process. With Silkemyk IPL, you can achieve lasting results, and best of all, you can do it from home. If you would like to learn more about how IPL hair removal can improve the quality of life for women with hirsutism, please visit our blog for more information.

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