Silkemyk og hårfri hud til sommeren

Get ready for summer with IPL hair removal

Did you know that to achieve an optimal and silky-smooth result with our IPL hair remover, you should use the IPL laser once a week for up to 12 weeks? This means that if you start NOW , you will be ready for the bikini season already in June. And the best of all? In March, you get a full 25% discount on our hair remover!

In order to get an optimal result, you should use the IPL laser once a week for up to 12 weeks. You will notice that the hair starts to grow more slowly already after 3-4 weeks. After 12 weeks, the hair should have mostly stopped growing, which means you'll have silky smooth, summer-ready skin by June. How lovely would it have been to take in the summer without a single unwanted body hair? Silkemyk Shoot Spain Costa del sol There are two good reasons why you should start with the IPL treatment right now, and they are:

1. Sun and laser hair removal do not go well together

Sun-damaged skin should not be treated with IPL as this may cause any side effects. You should therefore wait at least two weeks before carrying out an IPL treatment if your skin has been exposed to a lot of sun or solarium. After hair removal with IPL, you should wait at least 48 hours before exposing a treated area to strong sun or solarium. Therefore, it may be good to be done with the 12-week treatment period before summer fully sets in!

2. IPL technology works best if the hairs are darker than your skin

IPL treatment is not suitable for the darkest skin types, so you might as well start the treatment before the finest tan has set properly! Not all skin and hair combinations will give you the result you want to achieve. See the table for which combinations are best suited here. Silky soft and smooth beds in hammock

3 tips to achieve silky smooth skin by summer

1. Make a plan for the hair removal

When you remove unwanted hair at a salon, whether by shaving, laser or waxing, you often follow a treatment plan based on your own goals for hair removal. When you are going to remove hair with a laser at home, it is wise to do the same.

Several treatments are required to achieve a permanent result, so it is wise to be consistent with your hair removal. Find a fixed day of the week when you perform the IPL treatment. As soon as you have achieved the desired result, you can switch to a fixed date of the month to maintain the silky smooth result.

2. Shave the areas to be treated first

In order for IPL technology (IPL stands for intense pulsating light ) to work optimally, it is important to shave the area you wish to treat before starting the hair removal. This is important for the light pulses from the IPL laser to reach the hair follicles properly and provide permanent hair removal.

Shaving is the best hair removal method you can use before an IPL treatment. You should avoid napping, epilation or waxing. The reason for that is simply that these hair removal methods remove the hair at the root, and then the IPL laser is unable to absorb the melanin in the hair follicle because there is no hair there.

3. Take your time

Within a short time you will have good control over the IPL treatment, but it may take a few treatments before you are completely confident. Use the first sessions to get to know the IPL hair remover better, and then it may be a good idea to treat the largest areas of the body for a good overview and accessibility, such as calves and thighs.

You can split up so that you treat different areas of the body on different days, but try to keep track so that you don't treat the same area more than once a week. Also remember to use plenty of time during the treatment so that you get all the hairs, so you avoid small spots with unwanted hair growth here and there.

And yes - you can treat all areas of the body with Silkemyk's IPL hair remover. You can also use IPL to remove facial hair - just remember to be extra careful around the eyes. Woman sunning her silky skin on the beach We are absolutely sure that if you invest in Silkemyk's IPL hair remover now, you will be very happy with your choice in June! Remember that in March you get a 25% discount on IPL at Silkemyk.

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