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How to use an IPL hair remover

Today, there are many different IPL devices on the market, and most of them provide long-lasting and good results on unwanted hair growth. However, there is one thing that not all IPL lasers have, and that is a good user manual. In this blog post, we will go in depth on Silkemyk's IPL hair remover and explain how you can achieve a good, long-lasting and silky smooth result from home.

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First of all: what is IPL?

IPL stands for " intense pulsating light ", and consists of gentle light waves that form a white light. An IPL machine is simply a laser that absorbs light from the hair follicles, and in this way puts the hair growth into hibernation mode. The IPL light waves hit the melanin in the hair under the skin, and the white light is then absorbed by the hair follicles. The heat from the light energy puts active hairs into sleep mode, which means that new hairs do not grow out.

Skin and hair type have an effect on your result.

Before you go shopping for an IPL hair remover, there are two things you must take into account, and that is your skin type and hair colour. Not all skin and hair combinations will give you the result you want to achieve. The table below shows which skin types and hair shades are best suited for hair removal with IPL technology. The pigment in the hair has a lot to say.



GUIDE: How to use IPL hair remover from home.

1. Get to know your IPL laser

The first time you use Silkemyk IPL hair remover, it is wise to set aside time to get to know the product. Read the user manual carefully. Familiarize yourself with what all the buttons do, how to change the intensity of your IPL machine and how the different modes work.

Our laser is easy to use, but read the user manual that comes with the product in addition to this post and you are good to go! You can also read more about Silkemyk's IPL laser on our product pages.

Components of a light therapy device including power buttonlight level, light window, light discharge button, power input, and light indication for power and intensity. In this picture you can see the function of the various buttons.

2. Preparations before the hair removal treatment

To achieve a good result, as with many other things: preparation is half the job. Before starting the treatment, it is important that you carefully shave the area you want to treat so that the IPL light pulses reach the hair follicles properly.

It is important that the hair follicles are intact for IPL to work well. You should therefore not use hair removal methods that remove the hair at the root, such as plucking or waxing before treatment. It is also important to keep the skin completely clean and free of skin care products before treatment. This particularly applies to self-tanning cream.

3. Turn on the IPL machine

The socket must be plugged into the wall for the IPL laser to work. The cord is long so there is no problem getting to where you want on the body.

Hold the power button for one second. The fan will now start. Around the on button you will see a small light. The light indicates the intensity level of the IPL treatment. To change the intensity level, press the small on button.

4. Select the intensity level of your IPL machine

Our hair removal machine has 5 levels, and we recommend that you start with the lowest level. You can gradually increase the intensity, and then you can use our table below as a starting point. If you think the IPL laser feels too hot against the skin, you can try choosing a lower intensity level.

Guide to skin types and sun reactions, from white ivory skin to dark brown and black skin, showing varying susceptibility to sunburn and tanning levels.

As you can see, you can compensate by using a high intensity level on very light skin with light hair.

5. Select the mode on your IPL machine

Our IPL laser has 3 different modes that can be used as you wish.

Manual mode: This is a good setting where you have to press the large light discharge button yourself to trigger flashes of light. This mode is optimal when removing hair from small areas such as the face, armpits and bikini line - where you want full control over the treatment and when the flashes of light come.

Automatic mode: To activate this mode, turn the machine away from the body and hold the light discharge button for 3-5 seconds. This activates the automatic mode and the light flashes will be fired every time the light field is in contact with your skin. Now you can use the IPL laser "manually" as in manual mode, but you don't have to press the light discharge button every time you want a flash of light.

Glide mode: Hold the light discharge button with the light window pressed against the skin to activate the mode. This setting automatically emits a flash of light every three seconds as long as you hold down the light discharge button and will only end when you lift the device away from your body or release the button.

6. Start the IPL treatment

When the on button flashes, you can use the IPL machine by pressing the on button. You must make sure that the light window is close to and parallel to the skin at all times while performing the hair removal treatment. Move the machine calmly over the skin and try to avoid treating the same area several times in the same session. Now the built-in light will begin to remove each and every hair.

If the machine has not been used for 5 minutes or more, it will go into sleep mode. A light press will reactivate the IPL machine. The intensity level is now set back to level 1, so remember to change this if you use a higher level.

7. End the IPL treatment

Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn off the machine. To clean the handset, we recommend that you clean the IPL machine with an antibacterial disposable wipe. It should contain at least 70% alcohol. Wash the light window at the bottom of the IPL machine after each treatment.

Note! After the machine has been in use for a period, you will be able to see small white dots on the light window. This is normal and will not affect the lifespan of the handset.

8. Create a treatment plan for hair removal

When you remove unwanted hair at a clinic, whether by shaving, laser or waxing, you follow a treatment plan based on your own hair removal goals. When you are going to remove hair with IPL at home, it is wise to do the same.

Several treatments are required to achieve the best results, so it is wise to be consistent with your hair removal. Feel free to find a fixed day of the week when you carry out the treatment. As soon as you have achieved the desired result, you can switch to a fixed date of the month to maintain the silky smooth result.

We at Silkemyk understand that some people find it easier to learn visually. We have therefore created a video guide with instructions on how to use our IPL laser.



How often should the IPL machine be used?

To get an optimal result, you should use your IPL machine once a week for up to 12 weeks. You will notice that the hair grows back thinner and slower already after 3-4 weeks. After 12 weeks, most of the hair should have stopped growing. In order to maintain the silky smooth result, our experience is that you should do a touch-up with the IPL machine once a month.

Does IPL work on light hair?

The effect of IPL depends on the level of melanin in the hair shaft. The more melanin in the hair shaft, the more effective the IPL laser works. Very light, red and gray hair contains little melanin, therefore the treatment will be less effective.

You can compensate for this with more treatments and by increasing the intensity level of the treatment. Please see our tables for which intensity you should choose, and which skin and hair types IPL works best for further up in the post.

Can facial hair be removed with IPL?

Yes, you can use our IPL machine for facial hair removal. Many people want to remove hair from the upper lip, and with our manual mode, our laser is perfect for exactly this. Remember that when treating facial hair, you must be extra careful in the area around the eyes.

Can you get rid of hair permanently with IPL?

Unfortunately, you should be careful if someone claims that you can remove hair permanently. Our hairs grow in cycles and alternate between being active and passive. IPL technology only stops active hairs - therefore the treatment must be repeated once a month to maintain the result you want. In other words: all forms of hair removal require some maintenance, otherwise the hair will start to grow back over time.

Is it dangerous to use the IPL laser for hair removal?

No. Our IPL handset has been developed for home use, and is therefore very gentle on the skin. Several worldwide studies have been carried out which establish that IPL is a safe and effective form of treatment. Based on these studies, IPL has become a people's favorite in long-term hair removal, both at professional beauty clinics and as a home treatment.

When should you not use IPL technology for hair removal?

Our IPL laser is basically made for everyone, but certain conditions mean that it is still not recommended to use this method for hair removal. This applies, among other things, to those who are breastfeeding, are pregnant, have epilepsy, are receiving or have received radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy for cancer, have a heart implant, insulin pump and the like.

There are also areas on the body where you should avoid using IPL light, and these are areas with a lot of pigment. The pigmented areas of your skin will absorb the flashes of light at a deeper level, which can lead to skin irritation. Therefore, you should avoid using the laser directly on tattoos, freckles, dark birthmarks and moles.

Are you considering investing in an IPL hair remover?

Go for it! Here are 3 good reasons why you should buy our product.

1. Painless and long-lasting hair removal

Many people find hair removal painful. Both waxing, epilation, shaving and threading can leave the skin red, dry and sore after treatment. Hair removal using our IPL technology, on the other hand, is not painful.

The flashes of light can create a mild feeling of warmth during use, but this is completely harmless. In addition, you need to do the treatment much less often than, for example, shaving, so it is also time-saving because the result is so long-lasting.

2. Save money

By using our IPL technology for hair removal, you will save money. It's pretty cool to think that you get 10 years of silky smooth skin for the price of one salon treatment. Then we're talking cheap hair removal! We can also mention all the money you save by not having to buy razors, expensive razor blades, aftershave gel, shaving foam and shaving oils to avoid red bumps, sore skin, itching and dry skin on sensitive skin areas.

3. Treatment from home

With our IPL laser you can do all the treatments yourself - from home! Many people find it embarrassing and embarrassing to go to a salon - which we understand. Many also find it difficult to find time to go to a beauty salon, especially if you have a permanent job and small children. You don't have to think about this by investing in our IPL laser. A treatment takes around 20-30 minutes and you can take it exactly when it suits you best.

IPL hair removal laser for long-lasting results on unwanted hair growth on the entire body

In other words, you will find that investing in our hair removal laser will give you easier, more long-lasting and cost-effective hair removal on your own terms.

You won't miss dull razor blades or wax strips that stick everywhere. You get rid of ingrown hairs and sore skin as a result of shaving. You don't have to spend thousands of kroner on expensive treatments in a beauty salon. Nor painful experiences with waxing, epilation and threading.

Both you and your skin will love our hair remover, and if you haven't done so yet, you should secure your IPL laser today!


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