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IPL hair removal with laser VS shaving

Are you tired of ingrown hairs, bumps and sore skin as a result of shaving? And painful experiences with waxing, epilation and threading to remove unwanted hair growth? Then you should continue reading - because in this post we show you that you actually save both time and money removing hair with IPL hair removers.


Methods for removing unwanted hair growth

Have you considered buying an IPL hair remover, but think the price is a bit steep and don't quite know if it's worth the money? In this post, we will calculate how much time and money you actually save by replacing your razor with an IPL hair remover from Silkemyk.

Removal of unwanted hair growth is one of the most common cosmetic treatments we perform. Although body hair is completely natural, there are many women and men who still want to remove hair in certain areas of the body. Most choose to go the traditional route of shaving, others grow their hair either at home or in a salon. Some also choose napping, threading and epilation. The common denominator for these methods is that they are often painful, expensive and result in ingrown hairs, red bumps and sore skin.

Women use the Silkemyk IPL hair remover to remove hair on the legs

10 years of IPL hair removal VS shaving

More and more people are opening their eyes to IPL technology and choosing to remove unwanted hair growth with the IPL laser, and with good reason. Hair removal with the IPL laser is completely painless, very effective and gives a long-lasting result that requires little maintenance. Our IPL hair remover costs a lot more than a razor, but since our product lasts for 10 years, you will still earn this money quickly.

Save money with IPL technology

10 years of hair removal with Silkemyk's IPL laser costs USD 229. In comparison, 10 years of shaving actually costs USD 870! This is only for razors and razor blades. All the money you additionally spend on aftershave gel, shaving foam and shaving oils to avoid ingrown hairs and bumps is not included in the calculation.

Women remove hair in their armpits with Silkemyk's IPL hair remover The calculation is based on an average price per razor of USD 9, that you buy a new razor 4 times within 10 years, that a pack of 4 razor blades costs USD 13 and that you change razor blades twice a month.

Save time with IPL technology

We have so far determined that by using our IPL technology for hair removal, you will therefore save a lot of money. But what about time? How much time do you actually save by switching from shaving to IPL hair removal?

It is difficult to determine exactly how much time each individual spends shaving, as it is individual how often and how much body hair one shaves. If you start from the fact that you spend an average of 10 minutes twice a week, then over the course of 10 years it will amount to a total of 173 hours!

With our IPL hair remover, a treatment takes an average of 20 minutes. For the first twelve weeks, you should do the treatment once a week until you achieve optimal results. After this, a touch up once every 2 months will suffice. Within 10 years, there will be 20 hours. Think how much fun you can spend those 153 hours having that is much more rewarding than hair removal. It actually corresponds to just over 4.5 working weeks!

Avoid ingrown hairs and bumps

Shaving also has a number of disadvantages that are avoided by using the IPL laser for hair removal. Aren't you tired of searching for the perfect method to avoid red bumps when shaving? Or to buy new creams to avoid ingrown hairs after shaving?

When you remove hair with an IPL hair remover, you don't have to think about these things. You will not get pimples, ingrown hairs or sore skin. On the contrary, your skin will love you. Use the IPL laser every 2 months according to the desired result, apply a good moisturizer after treatment and enjoy silky smooth skin that lasts.

But what exactly is an IPL hair remover?

A hair removal laser uses IPL technology which consists of light waves that form white light. These light waves are gentle, short and suitable for treating hair follicles that lie just under the skin. The light from the IPL laser hits the melanin in the hair, and the white light is then absorbed away from the hair follicles.

The heat from the light energy puts active hairs into sleep mode, so that new hairs do not grow out. As you may know, hair grows in cycles and alternates between being active and passive. The laser only stops active hair strands - therefore IPL treatments must be repeated over time. The treatments remove unwanted hair and provide a long-lasting result. The areas to be treated should be shaved first, and lubricated with moisturizer after treatment to keep the skin well and to achieve the desired result.

Hair removal with IPL laser means that the hair growth in the area you want to remove hair from grows thinner and slower with each treatment - until you become silky smooth. However, all forms of IPL hair removal require maintenance, and you should be careful if someone claims that hair can be removed permanently regardless of the hair removal method. The hairs will start to grow back with time, but it is enough to use the IPL laser once every 2 months after you have completed the first treatments. Your skin will love you!

Are you ready to replace your razor with an IPL hair remover from Silkemyk? You will not regret it!


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