Hårfjerning med IPL-laser for menn

Hair removal with IPL laser for men

IPL laser hair removal gives very good results and is a very effective method of hair removal for men. How many people are not tired of the hair on the neck growing out quickly and ruining the whole hairstyle? Or want to remove hair on the chest or armpits, but think waxing is painful? Guys - don't be afraid to invest in Silkemyk's IPL laser!

Hair removal is no longer something only women do. It is true that men have long been involved in shaving and trimming facial hair and beards, but today there are also many men who want to remove unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body. In this post we will talk about hair removal with ipl laser for men!

There are many methods of removing body hair for men, including shaving, waxing, epilation, hair removal creams and napping. The razor is a popular hair removal method for many men, but here you can risk getting small cuts, red bumps, ingrown hairs and sore skin. Hair removal creams have also become popular, but the result does not last particularly long and it is often a somewhat clumsy and sticky process.

Silkemyk's IPL laser can also be used by men

Avoid itching, bumps and sore skin with the IPL laser

We at Silkemyk want to inform men that the IPL laser is a great alternative when it comes to long-term hair removal, and that it is certainly not just for women! One of the main reasons why many choose to use IPL to remove unwanted hair growth is to relieve itching after shaving, bumps on the skin and sore skin.

Another reason is of course that the result lasts much longer than with shaving methods where the hair is cut off, such as shaving. IPL hair removal requires several treatments, but the result is so good after 12 weeks that only a refresher is needed every 2-3 months to maintain the silky smooth result.

IPL lasers have long been used by top athletes

Initially, hair removal lasers were used by men who felt that the growth of body hair hindered their performance, such as top athletes, cyclists, swimmers and bodybuilders. Today, however, IPL lasers are used by many more people than that. There are many reasons why men want laser hair removal. Many men are embarrassed by hair on their backs, stomachs and shoulders and want to feel more well-groomed without requiring so much effort.

The most common areas of the body men treat with the IPL laser are:

  • Throat
  • Neck and back
  • Chest and stomach
  • Armpits
  • Hair between eyebrows
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Toes and fingers
  • Thighs and calves
  • Beard growth, especially if you struggle with ingrown hairs

IPL hair removal is well suited for men due to the high pigment content of body hair

Although many men think that laser treatment for unwanted hair growth is reserved for women, it is actually the case that men are very good candidates for this type of hair removal. The reason is that IPL hair removal works by the IPL light waves hitting the melanin in the hair under the skin, and the light being absorbed by the hair follicles. The heat from the light energy puts active hairs into sleep mode, which means that new hairs do not grow out.

It simply means that IPL technology works best if the hairs are darker than your skin, which is very often the case in men. Men often have dark hair and generally darker body hair than women. Men with light skin and light hair on their heads also often have dark body hair, which is ideal for a good and more effective result of IPL treatment.

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Be careful when removing intimate hair

You can easily remove unwanted hair growth in the area around the genitals and on the mount of Venus, but men should be careful when it comes to the lower abdominal region and the genitals themselves. Laser treatment on the male genitalia is not recommended, as the heat from the laser can be harmful to sperm production.

Is IPL hair removal more expensive than shaving?

It may feel like hair removal with the IPL laser is expensive right when you buy the product, but remember that this is a one-off sum - and the laser lasts for 10 years if used correctly.

Using other hair removal methods requires the purchase of consumables that cost less, but must be purchased frequently. Just think how much money many people spend on hair removal creams, wax strips, razors and razor blades. Not to mention the cost of aftershave gels, shaving creams, beard oils and shaving oils to avoid red bumps, sores and sensitive skin, itchiness and dry skin.

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Many men resort to hair removal with IPL technology due to the constant irritation of the skin when shaving. There is no doubt that sore skin, ingrown hairs and red bumps can be embarrassing for both women and men. Many also want to reduce hair growth due to hygienic reasons. In fact, sweat production is connected to the hair follicles. This means you can reduce the amount of sweat produced by removing unwanted hair growth.

So to conclude: IPL laser is definitely for men!

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