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🙌 Permanently Stops Hair Growth

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💰 Most Cost-Effective Hair Removal Over Time



Regular price 1.999,00 kr
Sale price 1.999,00 kr Regular price 2.499,00 kr
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Consistently facing hair removal hassles?

Rapid Hair Regrowth: Quick regrowth after each hair removal, necessitating frequent maintenance.

Irritation and Skin Issues: Common problems such as red bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs after waxing, epilating, or shaving.

Recurring Expenses: Ongoing costs for new razor blades, wax strips, or salon visits can strain both patience and budget.


Discover the hair removal solution for lasting results:

Permanent Hair Elimination: Silkemyk IPL employs gentle light pulses that penetrate the hair follicles, preventing future hair growth – ideal for those with PCOS. This technique ensures smoother skin without frequent regrowth.

Economical and Time-Saving: Silkemyk IPL is a one-time investment yielding lasting results in just 12 weeks, saving you time and money in the long run.

Gentle and Pain-Free: Silkemyk IPL is kind to the skin, reducing irritation and scars, offering a painless treatment for smoother skin.


See the results achieved by one of our customers under the arm. Note that similar outcomes can be achieved on areas like arms, back, abdomen, and more.




Research reveals that hair growth halts with Silkemyk IPL, a technology that works by sending gentle light pulses to the hair follicles. This effectively and safely reduces hair growth. Studies have shown that users reported the treatment as pain-free and without side effects, experienced noticeable hair reduction after just 4 treatments, and observed significantly less hair growth after six treatments.


Reported the treatment as pain-free and without side effects


Noticed hair reduction after 4 treatments


Significantly less hair growth after six treatments

Learn more about laser treatment at home, click here .

Customer Reviews

Based on 352 reviews

Denne maskinen er perfekt for deg som ønsker å fjerne uønsket hårvekst, enkelt og smertefritt✨💞


Jag har fått testa deras IPL maskin som snabbt & enkelt tar bort hår!


For snart ett år siden fikk jeg min første ipl laser fra silkemyk som reduserer hårveksten ved hjelp av laser🌸 jeg hsdde helt ærlig lite forventninger og litt skrekken for at det skulle være tiltak og vondt! I begynnelsen brukte jeg den på litt for sterk styrke og brant huden🥲men fortsatte litt til på lavere styrke! Jeg glemte å følge med på hårveksten men innså plutselig for en liten stund tilbake siden at jeg basically er hårfri på leggene 😍🥳


Jeg bruker sin IPL-hårfjerner for å få hårfrie legger til sommerferien🤌🏼🌺


What is IPL?

IPL stands for " intense pulsating light ", and consists of gentle light waves that form a white light. An IPL machine is simply a laser that absorbs light from the hair follicles, and in this way puts the hair growth into hibernation mode. The IPL light waves hit the melanin in the hair under the skin, and the white light is then absorbed by the hair follicles. The heat from the light energy puts active hairs into sleep mode, which means that new hairs do not grow out.

How does IPL work?

The light pulses from Silkemyk's IPL technology hit the melanin in the hair under the skin. The white light is then absorbed by the hair follicles. The heat from the light energy puts active hairs into sleep mode, which means that new hairs do not grow out. Because hair grows in cycles and alternates between being active and passive, the light pulses only stop active hair strands. Therefore, the treatment must be repeated over time to reach all hair follicles.

How long will it take before I can see results?

Most people find that the hairs grow slower and thinner after 3-4 treatments, but that it requires around 12 treatments for a full-fledged and silky-soft result. The result depends on skin colour, hair thickness and colour, genetic hair growth, hormones in the body, diseases and medication. We still see that a full 92% of our customers had less hair growth already after 6 treatments - which is a reasonably high number.

What areas of the body can I use it on?

An IPL hair remover can be used on most areas of the body with the exception of the eyes and genital areas. Common areas to treat are armpits, arms, legs, face, bikini line, upper lip, fingers, toes and on the upper arms and thighs.

Avoid areas with a lot of pigment. The pigmented areas of your skin will absorb the flashes of light from the IPL laser at a deeper level, which can cause skin irritation. Do not use IPL directly on tattoos, freckles, dark birthmarks or moles.

Do I have to shave the area I want to treat beforehand?

You don't have to do anything, but for optimal results you should shave the areas to be treated before using the IPL hair remover. The reason why we recommend shaving the area first is so that the light energy can reach the hair follicle as quickly and well as possible. Remember that the hair follicles need to be intact for IPL to be effective. Therefore, avoid growing or plucking the hairs in the area you wish to treat.

How often can the IPL laser be used?

We recommend that you use the IPL hair remover once a week for the first 12 weeks. After this period, you can use IPL once a month for 3 months, or until you are satisfied. To maintain silky smooth skin, you should use the laser once every 2 months, or as needed. Because the IPL treatment is only effective during the active growth phase of your hair, there is no point in using the IPL hair remover more than once a week.

Can I use IPL for acne?

IPL can help reduce the severity of acne by killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Helps IPL against PCOS

Silky smooth IPL is especially helpful for women experiencing excessive hair growth due to PCOS. This gentle but effective treatment reduces unwanted hair growth and contributes to smoother and more even skin.

Helps IPL against Hypertrichosis and Hirsutism

People who suffer from abnormally frequent hair growth due to conditions such as hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth all over the body) or hirsutism (excessive hair growth in women in a pattern typical of men) may find IPL treatments helpful. IPL can help significantly reduce hair growth.

Can I use a solarium before or after an IPL treatment?

It is recommended to avoid solariums and intense sunbathing for at least 2-3 days both before and after an IPL treatment. Before the treatment, the skin should be as light as possible to ensure effectiveness and to reduce the risk of side effects. After the treatment, the skin is more sensitive and prone to sun damage, so it is important to protect it from strong sunlight. Should you absolutely have to use a solarium, make sure you do not use IPL over sunburnt skin.

Can I sunbathe before or after IPL treatment?

Sunbathing before or after an IPL treatment is not dangerous, but caution is advised. Before an IPL treatment, it is best for the skin to be as light as possible to increase effectiveness and reduce the risk of side effects. After the treatment, you should wait at least 2-3 days before sunbathing, as the skin may be more sensitive and prone to sun damage. It is important to protect the skin with sunscreen with a high SPF. If the skin is sun damaged, it is recommended to postpone the IPL treatment until the sun damage has healed to avoid further skin irritation.

Can I use my IPL over tattoos?

It is not recommended to use IPL over tattoos. The IPL treatment works by targeting pigment in the hair follicles, and dark colors in tattoos can absorb more light energy, which can cause skin irritation or damage to the tattoo. To avoid potential side effects, avoid using IPL directly on or around tattooed areas.

Can I use my IPL laser over areas with freckles or moles?

You should avoid areas with a lot of pigment. The pigmented areas of your skin will absorb the flashes of light from the IPL laser at a deeper level, which can cause skin irritation. Do not use IPL directly on tattoos, freckles, dark birthmarks, moles and the like.

Does IPL work on all hair colors?

The effect of IPL depends on the level of melanin in the hair shaft. The more melanin in the hair shaft, the more effective the IPL laser works. Very light, red and gray hair contains little melanin, therefore the treatment will be less effective.

You can compensate for this with more treatments and by increasing the intensity level of the treatment.

Is hair removal with IPL suitable for all skin tones?

IPL technology works best if the hairs are darker than your skin. The treatment will therefore not be suitable for the darkest skin types, as the melanin has a chemical structure that enables it to absorb light energy. Skin cells with a lot of melanin will attract the IPL light, which means that it does not reach the hair follicles.

What modes does the IPL laser have?

Our IPL laser has 3 different modes that can be used as you wish.

Manual mode: This is a good setting where you have to press yourself to trigger flashes of light. This mode is optimal when removing hair from small areas such as the face, armpits and bikini line.

Automatic mode: To activate this mode, turn the machine away from your body and hold the on button for 3-5 seconds. This activates the automatic mode and it will start when the light field is in contact with your skin. Now the IPL machine starts flashes of light every 3 seconds. Remember that the flashes of light will only last as long as the base of the IPL machine is parallel and close to the skin.

Glide Mode: Hold the power button with the light window pressed against the skin to activate the mode. This mode is optimal for hair removal on larger areas, such as calves and thighs. This setting automatically emits a flash of light every three seconds and will only end when you lift the device away from your body.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, hair removal with IPL does not hurt. The light pulses can create a very mild feeling of heat during use, but it is completely harmless.

Can IPL be dangerous for sensitive skin?

Our handsets are designed for home use and are gentle on the skin. This means that it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Are there any side effects from IPL?

Side effects rarely occur if the handset is used properly. Common reactions after IPL treatment can be redness and swelling, but these symptoms usually subside immediately after the treatment. Remember to follow the procedure as described in the instructions for use, and take a skin test before choosing an intensity level. Explanation is in the user manual.

I have epilepsy. Can I use IPL?

No, then IPL treatment is unfortunately not suitable for you.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I use IPL?

No. Our IPL has not been tested for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and should therefore not be used. Silkemyk has been developed in collaboration with leading skin specialists, and they have advised against the use of Silkemyk's IPL or other light-based hair removal methods during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as a precaution to avoid any side effects.

Which hair removal methods can I use between treatments?

Between treatments, you can shave as needed. You should not wax or pluck your hair between treatments, as these hair removal methods remove the entire root. We need the root of the hair to be intact so that the IPL laser can absorb the light from it during the treatment.

Do I need to wear eye protection?

No, eye protection is not required when using the IPL laser. Our IPL hair remover is equipped with a sensor that means it will not fire a light flash unless the entire light window is pressed against your skin. That said, you should never try to look directly into the light while it is flashing.

Can I perform a treatment after self-tanning?

No. You should exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells before using the IPL laser for the best possible results.

How do I clean the IPL laser?

Cleaning the IPL hair remover is recommended after each treatment. You can use antibacterial products such as wipes, gel and cleanser to clean the laser itself and the light window after treatment. Make sure the epilator is switched off and not connected to power. You should then store the handset in a cool, dry place. The handset must be completely dry before the next use.

Is it normal for burnt hair to smell during treatment?

Yes, this is completely normal. As the light energy heats the hair, it may smell a little burnt. The smell is a result of unshaven hairs, so you can reduce the smell by making sure the skin is completely clean shaven before starting the IPL treatment.




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