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Gua sha and lymphatic drainage: How to improve the health of your skin from the inside out

Gua sha and lymphatic drainage: How to improve the health of your skin from the inside out

Skin care is more than just products we put on our skin. It's about how we treat our entire body, including what we put in it. In this article, we're going to dive deeper into the world of Gua sha and lymphatic drainage , two powerful tools to improve the health of your skin from the inside out.

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What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient massage technique that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. It is a relaxing beauty treatment that will make a difference to your skin by dissolving muscles, draining lymph fluid, increasing blood circulation and tightening the skin on the face.

The treatment involves massaging the skin with a special stone to increase circulation, ease pain and inflammation, and improve the god's health. Today, Gua Sha is also used in the beauty industry, where the treatment focuses on the face to promote skin health and a youthful appearance.

Gua Sha for skin health

Gua Sha massage increases microcirculation in the skin, which are small blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This gives the skin a fresh and healthy glow. Increased circulation also means that waste substances are more easily removed from the skin, which contributes to clearer and cleaner skin. The blood flow also brings nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells, so that the skin has an immediate glow, while waste products are carried away.

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Gua Sha for tighter skin

Gua Sha and Facial rollers are good tools to give firmer and more elastic skin. Many people find that the skin becomes firmer and more elastic after using the Gua Sha set from silky soft. This is due to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production, which are important building blocks of our skin. Over time, you can expect to see less visible pores and dark circles under the eyes. Gua Sha massage will also increase collagen and elastin production in the skin, which results in tighter skin.

How Gua Sha can help improve the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system plays a major role in our immune system. It transports lymph fluid, which contains white blood cells that fight infection. Gua Sha can help stimulate lymphatic circulation and drain lymph fluid, which can help reduce swelling and strengthen the immune system. A well-functioning lymphatic system is therefore very important for health, and here Gua Sha massage will make a positive contribution.

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Gua Sha can reduce swelling

Some people suffer from facial swelling, especially in the morning. This may be due to poor lymphatic drainage. By using Gua Sha, you can improve lymphatic drainage and thus reduce these swellings.

Are you one of those people who tend to get a little swelling on the face? Then lymphatic drainage is probably particularly helpful for you. You can reduce swelling by focusing extra on lymphatic drainage during a facial massage. Then it is important that the movements you make go towards the lymph nodes.

Gua Sha against wrinkles and fine lines

Gua Sha can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by releasing facial muscle tension. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin above will also look more relaxed and smooth. Gua sha will give your skin cells more nourishment and stimulate the nervous system so that the body can rest. Gua sha massage will therefore dissolve tension in the muscles of the face. Muscles that are relaxed will again help to counteract wrinkles and fine lines.

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Gua Sha for sensitive skin

Do you struggle with sensitive skin, rosacea or burst blood vessels on your face? We recommend that you put your facial roller and Gua Sha in the fridge for a few minutes before treatment - so that it is nice and cool. Then gently roll over your skin with light pressure to cool and soothe your skin.

Cooling the Gua Sha stone or facial roller before use can help calm the skin, reduce redness and calm inflammation.

Gua Sha for acne treatment

By massaging the face around the area with acne, blood circulation in the skin will increase, which will have a positive effect on the area with acne. When blood circulation is increased, the skin will find it easier to get rid of blackheads and pimples. Pores become less visible, and impurities in the skin such as acne and pimples are reduced.

Remember that as with any skin care routine, results may vary and it may take time to see improvements. It is important to be patient and consistent with your Gua Sha routine.


Now that we've looked at Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage, we've seen that these methods can be powerful tools in your journey to better skin health, from the inside out. These techniques are about more than superficial beauty - they affect the body's basic functions, from increased blood circulation to stimulation of the immune system.

Gua Sha has been shown to help improve the look and feel of the skin through various mechanisms, including increasing microcirculation, stimulating collagen and elastin production, and promoting lymphatic circulation. This can help reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and may even help those with more sensitive or inflamed skin conditions.

Similarly, lymphatic drainage contributes to the body's natural detox processes, helps remove waste products, and strengthens the immune system - all important aspects of maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

It is important to remember that everyone's skin is different and results will vary. It may take time to see improvements, but with patience and consistency, Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage can provide significant benefits to your skin.

Ultimately, skincare is about more than just the products we put on our skin - it's about how we treat our entire body, from what we put in it to how we support its natural functions. And here Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage have a lot to offer.

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