7 tips til et deilig hjemmespa

7 tips for a delicious home spa

Are you one of those who have received gifts such as body scrubs, face masks, great skin creams, woolen socks and new plushies under the Christmas tree this year? In other words, products that are perfect for a home spa. Then you should read on! In this post, we will share our best tips for a delicious home spa with you.e.

Although Christmas in Rome is a wonderful time for family, play and good food - it is also a time associated with a lot of hustle and bustle. When the new year finally arrives with its blank pages, this is a perfect opportunity to spoil yourself a little! For many of us, setting aside more time for self-care should probably be a New Year's resolution. It is so important to take care of your body and mind. Here, you invest important time in your own mental health as well, something you should certainly not underestimate!

1. Set the mood

To lower your pulse and create the perfect spa atmosphere, you can turn off the lights, light candles, find an essential oil and a scented candles. Feel free to put on some relaxing music too! We think this spotify list is perfect! It may be a bit of a cliché with a pan flute, but don't come here to say that it doesn't get you in the mood. Please also take the time to clean dirty socks from the bathroom floor before you start, so that you can actually relax.

Important! Leave the mobile in the living room, preferably with fussy children and roommates.

Sett stemningen for det perfekte hjemmespa

2. Cleanse your skin

Always start by cleansing your skin thoroughly. For the whole body, you can use a coarse and good scrub, such as this from Collistar. It both exfoliates and renews the skin with sea salt that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the renewal of skin cells.

For the face, we recommend a mild cleanser such as this from Dermalogica. It's a favorite with those because it's perfect for anyone with sensitive skin! It contains no artificial color or fragrance, is completely soap-free and will not disturb the skin's natural moisture balance. Leave the cleansing product on for a couple of minutes and massage it well into the skin before rinsing your face, so that you remove all dirt and make-up residues.

3. Facial massage with Gua Sha

If you are like us and just love a good facial massage, then you should invest ini Gua Sha stone and Facial Roller to your skincare routine. Massaging your face has many benefits for your skin. It dissolves tense muscles, gives the skin more glow, counteracts headaches, increases blood circulation in the skin, improves lymphatic drainage and prevents wrinkles. Read how to perform Gua Sha massage here.

4. Lie down in the bath

One of the most delicious things we know is taking a warm bath with a refreshing oil in the water. Feel free to choose one oil with a soothing scent, such as lavender. Since you have just cleansed your face well, your skin is ready for a good and moisturizing one face mask which will absorb well into the skin while you lie in the bath. If you don't have a bathtub, you can take a good, hot shower.

The home spa will feel extra luxurious if you bring a cup of your favorite tea with you, and preferably some fruit that can stand on the edge of the bath.

Egentid i badekaret er perfekt for hjemmespa

5. Time for moisture

Do you notice how both skin and hair become dry in the winter? Now is the time to put in the effort when it comes to moisture! When you have finished bathing, you should only dry the skin by patting it with a towel - do not rub. Then lubricate yourself with good moisturizer while you let the skin air dry so that the skin absorbs the moisture well.

For the hair, you should try the popular Ola Plex series, which many adore. Their “leave in treatmentr and hair oil you can touch your hair after you have been in the bath. These products can be advantageously mixed in the hands and applied to damp hair at the same time. Do not rinse the product. It dries well into the hair and it will not become greasy.

If you don't have a hair treatment or hair mask available, you can make one yourself. Mix one egg, half a cucumber that you mash and a little sunflower oil. Leave it on your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. Try to avoid styling products and heat treatment of your hair whenever you can. Another tip is pillowcases in silk or satin - it's gentle on the hair!

Tip! Remember to rinse shampoo and conditioner well in winter to avoid static hair.

6. Find the IPL laser

The feeling of completely silky smooth and soft skin is unbeatable, so now it's just a matter of finding out The IPL laser. The best thing about IPL hair removal is that it removes unwanted hair without you getting red bumps, sore skin and ingrown hairs! Use the laser once a week and you will get rid of unwanted hair growth within 12 weeks. Remember to shave the areas to be treated first. Read more about how to use IPL technology for long-term hair removal here.

After the IPL treatment, you can take care of the nails and cuticles on both your hands and feet. Feel free to use a fat one foot cream which you let soak in while wearing good, warm woolen socks.

7. Finish with the LED mask

End the delicious home spa by getting under the covers, switch on The LED mask on the desired color program and just relax for the minutes the treatment lasts. The LED mask will help your skin process acne, skin redness, burst blood vessels and rosacea. It will improve your skin tone and make your skin much healthier!

The best thing about our LED mask is that you can do all the treatments from home. Many people find it difficult to find time to go to a clinic or salon - especially if you have a permanent job and small children. With our LED mask, you can have facials in the evening with your legs on the table and an episode of Friends on the screen, or simply take a rest in bed at the same time. How delicious that sounds. If you want to read more about how Silkemyk's LED mask works, you can do so here.

Finn frem LED-masken for den perfekte avslutning på hjemmespaet

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