Ansiktsmassasje med Gua Sha-stein og Facial Roller

Facial massage with Gua Sha stone and Facial Roller

Are you one of the many who love a good facial massage? Then you should invest in Gua Sha stones and Facial Rollers for your skincare routine. Massaging your face has many benefits for your skin. It dissolves tense muscles, counteracts headaches, gives glowing skin, stimulates blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage and prevents wrinkles.


So what exactly is Gua Sha?

You've surely seen it before - the stone used for facial massage. The beauty trend has become very popular and is loved by influencers and celebrities, such as Justin Bieber.

But Gua Sha is far from a new trend. It is a traditional Chinese massage technique that originates from Chinese medicine. The technique involves using stones to massage the face in pleasant and calm movements. This increases blood circulation and lymph circulation in the skin.

By performing Gua Sha, your skin cells will receive more nourishment and stay healthier. Gua Sha also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system so that the body can rest. Relaxed skin results in less visible wrinkles.

Prevent tense muscles and headaches with Gua Sha stone and Face Roller

Facial massage with Gua Sha stone and Facial Roller are perfect massage tools to loosen tense and stiff muscles in the face, scalp and neck. We use these muscles all day, and in combination with stress, muscle knots, tension and headaches can quickly build up in many of us.

Prevent wrinkles with Gua Sha

Treating the face with a Gua Sha massage will release tension in the facial muscles. Muscles that are relaxed will help to counteract wrinkles and lines in the skin. It's pretty amazing that you can reduce wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth by doing a treatment that's so comfortable, isn't it? In addition, a delicious facial massage will reduce stress and worries, secrete hormones that lower your blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on your health.

Silkemyk's exclusive Gua Sha set in rose quartz

Better lymphatic drainage with Gua Sha massage

You may know that our body gets rid of waste products through blood and lymph circulation, but what exactly is lymphatic drainage? Our lymphatic system has an important job, namely to transport lymph around. Lymph is a fluid that contains white blood cells that fight infection. A well-functioning lymphatic system is therefore very important for health, and here Gua Sha massage can make a positive contribution.

Are you one of those people who tend to get a little swelling on the face? Then lymphatic drainage is probably particularly helpful for you. For extra focus on exactly lymphatic drainage during facial massage, it is important that the movements you make go towards the lymph nodes. They sit particularly in the neck and near the ears.

How to perform facial massage with Gua Sha?

Always start Gua Sha by cleansing the skin of all products. Then apply oil or serum to the face and lightly rub it into the skin. Find your Gua Sha stone, place the stone flat against the skin and make all movements at a leisurely pace with light to medium pressure against your skin. Gua Sha should not hurt - then you are doing it too hard.

1. Start at the bottom of the neck. Move the stone upwards towards the head 3-10 times, and wiggle the stone when you hit the hairline. Massage the sides of the neck and the front of the neck by moving the stone up along the skin at a leisurely pace.

2. Now we will massage the face. Start at the bottom of the jaw, and drag the stone with the curved side against the skin towards the ear 3-10 times.

3. Use the flat side of the stone to massage your cheeks and cheekbones. Drag the stone from the nose towards the hairline in gentle movements. Remember to wiggle the stone when you reach the hairline.

4 . Go over the area under, next to and above the eyes. Be extra careful on sensitive areas. Remember to massage the eyebrow from the inside out to the temple.

5. Finally, pass the stone over the forehead area. Start in the middle between the eyebrows and up towards the hairline in all directions to cover the entire forehead. Remember to wiggle the stone.

6. Replace Gua Sha stone with Facial Roller/Jade Roller. Do the same ritual with the Facial Roller. Remember to roll from the center of the face out towards the hairline. Do not roll back and forth in rapid movements. Lift the roller away from the face and start again in the center of the face. Enjoy!

Gua sha facial tool reducing wrinkles, lifting eyebrows, dark circles, puffiness, defining facial contour, firming neck skin, smile lines, jaw shaping

Tip! If you want increased well-being and an extra cooling effect from the Gua Sha massage, you can put the stone and roller in the fridge for 10 minutes before you start.

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Gua Sha stone in Rose Quartz

Silkemyk's Gua Sha set is made from the stone Rose Quartz. Did you know that rose quartz is a crystal, and that it is called the love stone ? The pink color of rose quartz crystal symbolizes love and warmth. Due to natural formations in rose quartz, each product with us is completely unique. There is a chemical compound in rose quartz called Silicate mineral. The mineral helps to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling, so it is the perfect stone to use for Gua Sha tools.

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