Bli kvitt uønsket hår: Fordeler med IPL-hårfjerning ved PCOS

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair: Benefits of IPL Hair Removal in PCOS

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair: Benefits of IPL Hair Removal in PCOS

Unwanted hair growth is a problem many women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) face. It is often a source of worry and self-esteem. Fortunately, IPL hair removal, a technology readily available at Silkemyk, has proven to be an effective solution for many.

What is IPL hair removal?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology used to perform various skin treatments, including hair removal. IPL works by sending multiple wavelengths of light into the skin to target melanin in the hair. The melanin absorbs the light, which generates heat and destroys the hair follicle, thus preventing further hair growth. IPL is not a laser, but a broad-spectrum light source.

Our Silkemyk IPL is equipped with a wavelength of 470x1200nm and 500,000 light pulses, which ensures long-lasting effectiveness.

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How is IPL different from shaving?

Shaving is a temporary solution to hair removal, while IPL provides a more permanent solution by targeting the hair follicles. Shaving only cuts the hair on the skin's surface, which means the hair will grow back quickly. IPL, on the other hand, reduces hair growth over time, so you can achieve smoother skin for longer periods. Read more about IPL vs shaving on our blog.

Benefits of IPL hair removal in PCOS

For women with PCOS, unwanted hair growth can be more than just a cosmetic concern. It can also affect self-esteem and mental health. IPL hair removal offers many benefits for women with PCOS, including:


IPL has proven to be an effective method of hair removal. Most people report visible results after 3-4 weeks, and experience a complete and lasting effect after 12 weeks.

Adjustable intensity and different modes

Silky soft IPL has a total of 5 different intensity levels to ensure an optimal hair removal result. Our IPL has both manual mode, automatic mode and glide mode that help you treat the whole body in minutes.

Documented effect and painless treatment

The effect of IPL has been proven through clinical research. IPL treatment with our laser is 100% painless.

IPL hair remover from silky soft. Pink or black. Effective permanent hair removal. Best in test.

How to use IPL hair remover from home

One of the great advantages of IPL is that it is a treatment you can carry out from home.

The beauty routine for women with PCOS

Integrating IPL treatments into your beauty routine can be a huge relief for women with PCOS. Not only can it help reduce unwanted hair growth, but it can also help improve self-confidence. Read more about how the beauty routine of women with PCOS can be changed by incorporating IPL treatments.

How IPL hair removal can help manage hair growth in PCOS

IPL hair removal is an effective solution for women struggling with unwanted hair growth as a result of PCOS. By reducing the amount of hair, women with PCOS can feel more comfortable and confident.



Relief from unwanted hair growth for women with PCOS

It is important to remember that each woman's experience with PCOS is unique. What works for one person may not work for another. But for many, IPL hair removal can provide relief from unwanted hair growth. It is a safe, effective and painless method of reducing hair growth, and can improve the quality of life for many women with PCOS.


Unwanted hair growth as a result of PCOS can be a big challenge for many women, but there are solutions. IPL hair removal, such as Silkemyk IPL, can be an effective, painless and practical solution for many. With adjustable intensity, different modes of use, and the ability to use it from home, IPL is an excellent choice for women who want to reduce unwanted hair growth and improve their self-esteem. So whether you're ready for summer, ready to feel more comfortable in your own skin, or just ready to try something new, IPL could be the answer you've been looking for.

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