LED-masken: hva gjør de ulike lysbehandlingene?

The LED mask: what do the various light treatments do?

You may have heard of LED masks and light therapy, but how does it actually work and what do the different light treatments do for your skin We take you through everything you need to know about LED light therapy in this blog post!!

First things first: what is light therapy?

Light therapy is a gentle treatment where the skin is treated with LED light. The LED lights take advantage of the skin's natural healing properties by tricking the skin into thinking it is damaged, so that the skin initiates a completely natural repair process in the skin cells.

Light therapy heals your skin from the inside out completely painlessly, and it will strengthen the skin's barrier. The LED mask treats the skin by increasing blood flow and circulation in damaged tissue, thereby reducing inflammation in the skin. The production of collagen and elastin in the skin is stimulated, and the result is improved skin.

And what is an LED mask?

An LED mask is an exclusive beauty tool that allows you to treat your skin with light therapy in your own home. The mask treats your skin by tricking it into thinking it's damaged. The mask does this by emitting infrared light in different wavelengths that penetrate the skin at different levels.

There are various LED masks on the market, but Silkemyk's LED mask has a whopping 576 LED lights, compared to other masks that only have 100-200 lights. This ensures optimal treatment of the entire face. Modell som viser frem Silkemyk sin LED-maskeSo on to the various light treatments Silkemyk's LED mask has. What actually does it for your skin, and which program YOU should choose

Silkemyk's LED mask has 4 different light treatments that treat your skin in different ways. The various color treatments have a number of benefits for your skin, and LED masks have therefore become a popular beauty product!

The red light programme

This light treatment is the one that penetrates the deepest into the skin. The red light causes small blood vessels at the outermost part of the skin to dilate and blood circulation increases. Your skin thus receives more oxygen and is revitalized. The red light stimulates your skin to renew cells and produce collagen, which in turn prevents signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. The light can also make wounds heal effectively as the cells in the skin are renewed faster.Red light program on LED mask increases blood circulation and stimulates cell renewal to prevent aging signs.

The yellow light program

This light treatment is soothing, strengthens sensitive skin and reduces skin redness. The yellow light can also reduce burst blood vessels in the skin, and is also an effective treatment for those who struggle with eczema, rosacea and herpes.

READ MORE: Read more about how the LED mask treats Rosacea here.Yellow light program on LED mask provides soothing treatment, strengthens sensitive skin, and reduces redness.

The green light programme

The green light has a calming effect on redness and will even out your skin tone. This light is therefore perfect to use to improve the skin's sensitivity. This light treatment is also very relaxing, and relaxed skin has fewer fine lines.Green light program on LED mask soothes redness, evens out skin tone, and improves skin sensitivity.

Multi-light program

The last and 4th light program is simply a multi-program! This is very convenient for anyone who wants to go through both red, green and yellow lights. The treatment starts with a red light, switches to a yellow light, back to a red light again, before ending with a green light.

LED light and UV light must not be confused

It is important not to confuse LED light with UV light. All light can change biological material, and UV light will give us signs of aging and sun damage. LED lights, on the other hand, make use of the benefits light can give to our skin by giving it energy, without the harmful side effects that UV light gives. Our masks are therefore 100% free from UV light.

Our LED mask is developed with technology from NASA

It was actually NASA that first researched the technology behind light therapy and LED masks. NASA developed LED light technology to research whether plants could be grown inside the space shuttles when they were out in space. LED light stimulates cells to produce more of the chemical adenosine triphosphate which increases healthy growth and the production of collagen. Collagen is important for the skin's strength and tissue build-up. It is the breakdown of collagen in the skin that leads to wrinkles, among other things.

When the researchers tried infrared light on the skin of the astronauts, it turned out that this was a very effective treatment for wounds, and that the skin healed faster. Further research showed several different positive effects of infrared light on our skin - and thus the science of LED light therapy was born.

Facial treatments from home with Silkemyk's LED mask

With our LED mask, you can do all the treatments yourself - from home! Many people find it difficult to find time to go to a clinic or salon, which is exactly why this great LED mask has been developed. With our LED mask, you can have facials in the evening while watching your favorite program on TV! In other words, by investing in our product, you can have facial treatments exactly when it suits you best! Both you and your skin will love LED light therapy, so if you haven't done it yet, you should Secure your LED mask from Silkemyk today!

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