Behandling med LED-maske mot akne, rosacea og psoriasis

Treatment with an LED mask against acne, rosacea and psoriasis

At Elisabeth's home, the whole family uses the LED mask from Silkemyk to treat acne, pimples, impure skin, rosacea, lupus rash and psoriasis. And the best of all? Everyone notices an improvement in the skin. And it's no wonder - because it's clinically proven that infrared light has a therapeutic effect on our skin.

And there can be nothing else but a big cheer in the office at Silkemyk when we receive customer feedback on our products that reads like this:

Raw! The LED mask is now used by the whole family with different challenges. I have rosacea and it is significantly reduced in just three weeks. I use the mask every other day. My 17-year-old son uses it for acne and he notices a difference in that it doesn't get so deep and painful. Dries out pimples faster! My husband has psoriasis and has only used it a few times, but it just seems to calm down in a few days. Highly recommended and I will be promoting this to anyone with various skin problems! - Elisabeth Bremeyer C.

We have spoken to Elisabeth, who can say that at home the LED mask is actually used against both rosacea, acne and psoriasis - and all the family members notice an improvement in their skin. And it's no wonder - because it has actually been seen in various reports that infrared light has a therapeutic effect on the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis, herpes, rosacea and acne.

Treat Rosacea at home with an LED light mask

Elisabeth herself says that she struggles with Rosacea, which is a chronic inflammation that causes redness in the face and burst blood vessels. Rosacea can appear in countless ways, including redness, irritation of the eyes, visible blood vessels and redness of the skin, acne-like rashes, swelling of the face, sensitive skin, dry skin, red spots on the skin, acne breakouts, and sometimes all at once time.

Elisabeth (41) says that she has now used the LED mask every other day for 3 months, and preferably with a good moisturizing mask at the same time. She feels that it is just as if the moisture penetrates even further into the skin on the face when the LED mask is also on. - I wanted to try the mask because for many years I have suffered from impure skin, rosacea and, in recent years, a lupus rash, and it is both socially unsightly and takes a toll on my psyche. In addition, it can sometimes be painful with a stinging and burning rash, says Elisabeth.

Elisabeth experienced that the symptoms of Rosacea were significantly reduced after only 3 weeks of light treatment. - It has definitely calmed down the rash and there hasn't been a single outbreak since I started using the LED mask from Silkemyk. I use the red color program to treat my skin.

Rosacea with Led Light therapy, Silkemyk Led Mask

The LED mask treats the skin by increasing blood flow and circulation in damaged tissue, thereby reducing inflammation in the skin. The LED mask, especially on the red light program, is an effective treatment that will calm the skin and reduce the effects of rosacea. Light therapy heals your skin from the inside out completely painlessly, and it will strengthen the skin's barrier.

- The skin has become so much calmer and does not hurt at all. Redness is almost completely gone and I actually keep getting comments that my skin has become so beautiful. I also think the pores in the T-zone have become smaller. Overall, I'm delighted, and you shouldn't underestimate taking that break in everyday life to take care of yourself, says Elisabeth.

The LED mask as a treatment against acne and pimples

The son in the house is 17 years old and uses the LED mask as a treatment for acne and pimples. He has not yet established a fixed routine for the number of treatments per week (much to mum's frustration), but says that the pimples dry out faster and that they do not become so deep and painful when treated with the LED mask.

- Unfortunately, my son is not good at using it regularly enough to say whether it helps very much. However, he says that he notices that the pimples "dry out" faster when he has used it. I am working to ensure that he will use it on regular days in the future, says Elisabeth.

With LED light treatment, you will activate the skin's natural repair process, and the treatment helps the skin cells to heal more effectively. Your skin will become much healthier and you will experience a much more even skin tone. You will also find that LED light therapy has a good effect on acne scars. Do you also want to get rid of acne on your face? Then you should take a look at ours LED mask.

Sophie Elise Isachsen with Silkemyk's LED mask

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LED light treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease with inflammation of the skin that causes red and dry rashes. On certain areas of the skin, you may have a more eczema-like rash without crusts. In some cases, the rash may contain fluid-filled blisters, and many also experience itching.

The man in the house (44) is suffering from psoriasis on his face, and especially around his nose. He finds it very unsightly, and therefore wanted to try the LED mask. He has used the LED mask to treat his psoriasis only a few times, but says that he feels that the skin calms down for a few days after the light treatment.

- I think it's a good idea to use the LED mask when you might still be watching the news in the evening or right after you've gone to bed. After all, you have taken care of your skin and it is clean. I think it seems that the skin absorbs the active substances in the products when you use the LED mask. Feel free to use a good moisturizing mask at least one of the days, says Elisabeth in conclusion.

Treat skin challenges from home

With our LED mask, you can do all the treatments yourself - from home! Many people find it difficult to find time to go to a clinic or salon - especially if you have both a permanent job and small children - which many of us have. With our LED mask, you can have facials in the evening with your legs on the table and an episode of Grey's Anatomy on the screen after the kids have gone to bed. In other words, by investing in our product, you can have facial treatments exactly when it suits you best!

Our LED mask is an investment in your own skin, and since it is designed for home use, you can take LED light treatments exactly when it suits YOU best. Both you and your skin will love LED light therapy, so if you haven't done it yet, you should secure your LED mask from Silkemyk today!

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