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Gua Sha and anti-aging: Achieve a youthful glow with this simple technique

Gua Sha and anti-aging: Achieve a youthful glow with this simple technique

Gua Sha is an ancient massage technique from Chinese medicine, used for over 2000 years to improve the health and beauty of the skin. This unique the skin care tool helps to dissolve muscles, drain lymph fluid, increase blood circulation, and has a firming effect on the skin. But how can Gua Sha contribute to a youthful glow and anti-ageing?

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Gua Sha for a youthful glow

The immediate glow you experience after a Gua Sha massage comes from increased blood circulation. When you use your Gua Sha, you increase the microcirculation in the skin by up to 400% for one to two minutes every day, according to a survey done by Vogue.

This increased microcirculation is positive for the skin's health, as the blood flow brings nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells. This gives the skin an immediate glow, while waste products are carried away.

The benefits of Gua Sha for healthier skin

1. Increased blood circulation and glowing skin

Gua Sha massage helps to increase microcirculation in the skin. By gently scratching the face, you stimulate blood flow and bring nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells. This results in an immediate glow in the skin and the removal of waste products. According to a study conducted by Vogue, using Gua Sha for one to two minutes each day can increase microcirculation by up to 400%.

2. Reduce signs of aging

Gua Sha and facial rollers are effective tools for achieving firmer and more elastic skin. The massage technique helps to reduce the visibility of large pores, dark circles under the eyes and increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This results in a tighter skin structure and fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Lymph drainage and relaxation

The lymphatic system plays an important role in carrying around lymph fluid, which contains white blood cells that fight infection. Gua Sha massage can help improve lymphatic drainage and thus increase skin health. By focusing on lymphatic drainage During a facial massage, you can reduce facial swelling. It is recommended to move outward towards the lymph nodes located in the neck and near the ears.

4. Treatment of skin problems

Gua Sha massage can be of great help in the treatment of sensitive skin, rosacea and burst blood vessels on the face. To further soothe the skin, you can put the facial roller in the fridge for a few minutes before the treatment. The cool roller will help cool and soothe your skin.

5. Acne treatment and prevention

Massaging the area around acne can increase blood circulation in the skin, which can have a positive effect on acne areas. Increased blood circulation helps to reduce blackheads, pimples and the visibility of pores. By using Gua Sha massage regularly, you can achieve an improved skin condition and reduce the occurrence of acne.

6. Affects the skin's elasticity

Both Gua Sha and Facial roles are effective tools for promoting skin elasticity. Gua Sha massage reduces the appearance of large pores, reduces dark circles under the eyes, and increases collagen and elastin production in the skin. This provides a firmer and tighter skin structure, an essential part of achieving a youthful glow.

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How to use Gua Sha to achieve results

To achieve optimal results with Gua Sha massage, we kindly encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Clean the face thoroughly and apply a suitable facial oil or serum.
  2. Let the Gua Sha stone slide along the skin with a gentle stroke against the skin surface.
  3. Begin by sliding the Gua Sha stone along the neck and work your way up towards the jawline and face.
  4. Use long, steady strokes and be careful not to apply too much pressure.
  5. Perform the massage in different directions, for example upwards, outwards and diagonally (please see our instructional video below)
  6. Focus especially on areas with tension, knots, loose skin or cellulite.
  7. After the massage, gently wipe the face with a damp cloth or rinse with water.
  8. Finish by applying a moisturizer to close pores and hydrate the skin.




Gua Sha is a simple and effective technique for achieving a youthful glow in the skin. By using this ancient massage technique, you can improve blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce signs of aging. Gua Sha massage is also useful in the treatment of skin problems such as sensitive skin, acne and facial swelling. Try this simple technique at home to achieve healthy and radiant skin.

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