IPL-hårfjerning hjemmefra: 6 tips for et optimalt resultat

IPL hair removal at home: 6 tips for an optimal result

Congratulations on your new IPL hair remover from Silkemyk! You will quickly notice that you have made a good investment. You will save both time and money by replacing your razor with our IPL laser. We can also guarantee that you won't miss dull razor blades, ingrown hairs and bumps.

1. Get to know your IPL laser

Reading user manuals may not be the thing you most want to spend time on - but it pays off in many cases. It is important to familiarize yourself with the IPL hair remover so that you feel safe from the first treatment. Our IPL laser comes with 3 different modes, which is very handy to know the difference and use as appropriate during the treatment.

Manual Mode: This setting is manual, which means you have to press the power button yourself to trigger the flash. The mode gives you full control over the IPL treatment, and is optimal when removing hair from small areas of the body such as the face, armpits and bikini line.

Automatic mode: This is an automatic mode where the IPL laser will emit flashes of light all by itself every 3 seconds. It only emits a flash of light when the epilator is in contact with your skin. Remember that the flashes of light will only last as long as the bottom of the IPL machine is parallel and close to the skin. This mode is perfect for hair removal on large areas of the body, such as legs, thighs and arms.

Glide mode: This is a kind of hybrid between manual and automatic mode. The IPL laser emits flashes of light every 3 seconds as long as you hold down the button. Very nice mode if you don't want to press for every flash, but still want a little more control over the treatment.

Read the user manual carefully to find answers on how to use the IPL laser. We also have many blog posts that go in depth on how to use the hair remover. Among other things, we have written a complete guide about how to use an IPL hair remover from home . Also read about IPL laser hair removal VS shaving , or the post that tells you about everything you need to know about IPL laser hair removal .

2. Use plenty of time

Within a short time you will have good control over the IPL treatment, but it may take a few treatments before you are completely confident. Use the first sessions to get to know the IPL laser better, and then it may be a good idea to treat the largest areas of the body for a good overview and accessibility, such as calves and thighs.

You can split up so that you treat different areas of the body on different days, but try to keep track so that you don't treat the same area more than once a week. Also remember to use plenty of time during the treatment so that you get all the hairs, so you avoid small spots with unwanted hair growth here and there.

And yes - you can treat all areas of the body with Silkemyk's IPL hair remover. You can also use IPL on the face - just remember to be extra careful around the eyes.

3. Create a treatment plan for the hair removal

When you remove unwanted hair at a clinic, whether by shaving, laser or waxing, you follow a treatment plan based on your own hair removal goals. When you are going to remove hair with the IPL laser at home, it is wise to do the same.

The IPL laser needs several treatments to achieve the best results, so it is wise to be consistent with your hair removal. Feel free to find a fixed day of the week when you carry out the treatment. As soon as you have achieved the desired result, you can switch to a fixed date of the month to maintain the silky smooth result.

IPL hair remover from Silkemyk in two different color variants

4. Shave the areas to be treated

In order for the IPL technology (IPL stands for intense pulsating light) to work effectively, it is important to shave the area you wish to treat before starting the hair removal. This is important for the light pulses from the laser to reach the hair follicles properly.

Shaving is the best way to remove hair before IPL treatment. You should avoid napping, epilation or waxing. The reason for that is simply that these hair removal methods remove the hair at the root, and then the IPL laser is unable to absorb the melanin in the hair follicle because there is no hair there.

5. Do not use the IPL laser on tattoos, moles or warts

As you may know, an IPL laser absorbs light from your hair follicles. This is a completely safe treatment, but it is not recommended to use IPL on areas of the skin with a lot of pigment. The reason is simply that the pigmented areas of your skin will absorb the flashes of light at a deeper level, which can lead to skin irritation. Therefore, you should avoid using the laser directly on tattoos, dark birthmarks and moles.

6. Remember to clean the IPL laser after use

Cleaning the handset is recommended after each treatment. You can use antibacterial products such as wipes, gel and cleaner to clean the handset and light window. Make sure the handset is switched off and unplugged before you start cleaning the IPL laser.

You should then store the handset in a cool and dry place. It is natural for many to keep a product such as an IPL hair remover in the bathroom, but we would not recommend it as bathrooms are often damp after steam from the shower. Instead, find another room in the house, for example a bedroom or wardrobe.

Woman uses IPL laser from Silkemyk to remove hair from armpit

Remember that your skin should be completely free of products and make-up before treatment, and that you should not use self-tanning cream or other products with a lot of pigment before using the IPL laser. We wish you the best of luck with your treatment! We hope you will be as happy with the IPL laser as we are, especially as you get to know it better and feel confident about the treatment method. We certainly don't miss dull razor blades, ingrown hairs and bumpy skin - and I don't think you will either!

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